The Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner & Coach Training Program


For Healers & Sacred Activists called to serve

More than a program, this comprehensive journey is for women who wish to use plant medicines to serve others in their trauma repair.

Women eager to experience the potency and power of Flower Essences. 

Women brave enough to do their own, inner healing work in order to deconstruct internalized oppression.

Women yearning for more intimacy with self, others, and Nature.

Women called to an evolutionary edge as Earth Wisdom Keepers and Medicine Women bringing forth the gifts from their unique lineage: right here, right now.


For the past 8 years, the Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner & Coach Training Program has empowered Women to harness the power of plant medicine to:

  • Release trauma and emotional triggers in a gentle yet powerfully direct way
  • Know precisely how to break through stuck places and plateaus
  • Deepen your partnership and intimacy with the plants and Mother Earth
  • Connect with the unseen and attune with the trees and flowers through spirit communications
  • Master the art of counseling and coaching so you can hold space for another’s healing
  • Create your own, specific + personalized Flower Essence formulas for every client + situation
  • Fully inhabit the body — so crucial, yet so rare
  • Build a thriving, sustainable business by honoring what’s resonant and true for you (this is the best Business Map)